The Vineyard South Central Region is a part of Vineyard USA.

The Vineyard Movement in the United States is divided into sixteen regions. Each region has clusters of churches grouped together by relationship and location. The pastoral support and care for these churches is facilitated by an Area Leader. These Area Leaders work together with their Regional Leader to provide leadership and encouragement to the Vineyard Churches.


The Regional Leader for the South Central Region is Phil Jeansonne. Phil brings oversight and care to the Area Leaders, while Area Leaders develop a sense of community among our churches, develop a culture of care among our pastors, and vitally relate their Area to the Region and to the National Vineyard Movement.


Bob Oliver
Area Leader / Pastor
Grace Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Arlington, TX

Reagan Waggoner
Area Leader / Pastor
Vineyard Church of Stafford/Sugar Land
Stafford, TX

Crispin Schroeder
Area Leader / Pastor
Northshore Vineyard Church
Covington, LA

Jeff Newman
Area Leader / Pastor
Austin Vineyard Church
Austin, TX

Alan Allen
Area Leader / Pastor
Vineyard Cristian Fellowship of Pearland
Pearland, TX