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Engage the world.

The Vineyard South Central Region is a part of Vineyard USA.

The Vineyard Movement in the United States is divided into sixteen regions. Each region has clusters of churches grouped together by relationship and location. The pastoral support and care for these churches is facilitated by an Area Leader. These Area Leaders work together with their Regional Leader to provide leadership and encouragement to the Vineyard Churches.

2018 Regional Conference
Audio from all session is now available!

The Main & The Plain

Our experience of the Kingdom of God is rooted in the words and works of Jesus. We teach the Bible, and the main and the plain truths of the Kingdom.

The Already & The Not Yet

God’s Kingdom is here – it is already. It is also not fully here – it is not yet. That means we have a theology both for suffering, and for signs and wonders.

Come, Holy Spirit

We need a constant filling of the Holy Spirit, and this ancient prayer is an invitation for the Spirit to touch us again.

Everyone Gets To Play

We don’t have superstar leaders. Whether we’re praying for the sick or caring for the poor, we believe that anyone can do the work of the Kingdom.

Come As You Are, But Don’t Stay As You Are

You’ll be loved no matter what state you’re in when you come to the Vineyard. But we also believe that Jesus intends to change us, so we say “Yes.”

Naturally Supernatural

We avoid hype or emotional manipulation. We want to be naturally supernatural as we pray for healing, prophesy, or care for the broken.

Remember The Poor

We lean toward the lost, the poor, the outcast, and the outsider with the compassion of Jesus.

Join The Mission!

If you attend a Vineyard church, you’ll realize that you probably fit right in. God is at work in the world He loves (Jn. 316), so join Him in what He’s doing!
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